About us – GP Medical Devices

GP Medical Devices ApS was established in 2008 by Henning Hedegaard. It is based in Nupark, Holstebro, Denmark.


GP Medical Devices develops, manufactures and markets disposable medical devices in close cooperation with patients, patient associations and healthcare professionals, in order to make their lives easier.


Our disposable medical devices are handmade and manufactured in patented special paper that is eco-friendly and biodegradable. All of our products are manufactured locally by partners we have been working with for many years.


International operation

Today, GP Medical Devices is an international company that supplies disposable medical devices to hospitals in Europe and the USA. In some countries (currently Sweden and Portugal) our product, EasyDrainer, is fully reimbursed.


Since 2014 in Denmark, we have been supplying the kits that the Departments of Routine Screening in the Danish regions send for intestinal cancer screening. The dispatched kits includes our product EasySampler for stool collection. Since 2018, all citizens between 50 and 74 years of age in Denmark receive an invitation for colon cancer screening every second year.


Furthermore, we develop many customised special solutions. This fact is exemplified by our cooperation with the Danish Cancer Society, in the development of a special solution for collecting DNA.


Mission, vision and philosophy

We have a clear mission to continue to develop products that help users improve their daily life. It is backed by our vision to be a global provider of innovative and unique disposable medical devices. We develop our products in close collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals.


In other words, our philosophy is to turn innovative ideas into products that can make life easier.