Information about stool collection

Stool can uncover valuable information as to what’s wrong in the stomach, intestines or another part of the gastrointestinal system.

The most common reason to test stool is to determine whether a type of bacteria or parasite may be infecting the intestines. Stool samples can also be analysed for what it contains; for instance tests for fat content.

Further, the faecal occult blood tests can be used to diagnose many conditions that cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal system, including colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.


Unlike most other laboratory tests, stool is normally collected by the patient at home, but patients find the collection of stool difficult, unpleasant and unhygienic to perform.

More than 50% of the patients take a stool sample directly from the toilet bowl*. Sampling stool from the toilet basin may not only be technically difficult, but can also create potential measurement errors, due to the loss of stool contents into the surrounding water, or contamination from toilet sanitizers and toilet water additives.

To solve this problem GP Medical Devices has developed EasySampler: A unique, patented and disposable stool collector, which is easily attached to the toilet and can be totally flushed after use. EasySampler is a Danish invention and both nurses and patients have contributed to the development.



  • – offers patients an easy-to-use and hygienic method to collect stool.
  • – prevents contamination of the stool by water and dirt.
  • – decreases the risk of test errors.


*)Ahlquist, DA et al.: A Stoole Collection Device: The First Step in Occult Blood Testing. Annals of Internal Medicine. 1988; 108: 609 – 12