The story of GP Medical Device products


It all started back in 2005. A stoma nurse from Holstebro got the idea for a disposable flushing sleeve which could help ileostomy patients empty their ostomy bags in an easy and hygienic manner.


In close cooperation with the ostomy association COPA and ileostomy patients, GP Medical Devices developed the disposable flushable sleeve, EasyDrainer, from paper.


Today, we have two models in our permanent product range: one with a length of 72 cm and one of 100 cm. Both models meet the need for easy and hygienic emptying of ostomy bags.

Easy Sampler

In 2008, Christian Erfurt-Hansen and Morten Sønderholm came up with the idea of producing a disposable stool collector. The two young people then went to the Aarhus School of Business, where they were given an assignment to prepare a case about an activity and a product. At the kitchen table at home they discussed the various options.


Morten’s mother, who was a nurse, suggested that they did something about taking stool samples. Thus, the idea was born, and with the help of paper and tape, the two young entrepreneurs tried to make a usable stool collector model. The problem was that they only had the newspaper JyllandsPosten to cut out.


At GP Medical Devices we had plenty of paper, and when the two young people approached us, the first thing we did was buy a toilet and install it in the office. After that, we started cutting out and sticking, and so the EU version of EasySampler was born.


The US version of EasySampler appeared a few years later.

At an exhibition in Copenhagen in 2010, we met the Norwegian Arne Røseth, who was very interested in EasySampler. Arne Røseth is one of the leading physicians and researchers of the intestinal disease Colitis Ulcerosa. He himself suffers from the disease and travels around and gives lectures about Ulcerative Colitis and about his research results.


In connection with a trip to the USA, Arne Røseth visited one of the USA’s leading suppliers of laboratory Products. Here, he presented our product – EasySampler.

The American Company was very interested in hearing more about the model, and they therefore asked for some samples to be sent.


It turned out that the EU model was not suitable for American toilets, which had high water level/water mirror. The model was too deep. The paper therefore came in contact with the water mirror in the toilet, and then quickly dissolved.


We at GP Medical Devices immediately understood what the problem was, and soon developed a US version, which was particularly suited just for toilets with high water level/water mirror.


The American Company were excited about the new model and today they are our biggest customer.