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Stool can reveal valuable information about what is wrong in the stomach, intestines, or other parts of the gastrointestinal system.

For many, taking a stool sample is a very unfamiliar situation. Often, the patient is given a sample cup without instructions on how to take the sample.

In collaboration with doctors and nurses GP Medical Devices has developed complete solutions for this often somewhat precarious situation. A detailed instruction takes the citizen throughout the sampling step by step. The unique feature of the entire solution is Easy Sampler, a uniquely designed, patented and special paper that can be easily mounted on the toilet and make stool collection easy and hygienic, and after use the paper can be flushed out with the toilet water, where the paper quickly dissolves.


EasySampler comes in two variations:

EasySampler EU version – for toilets with low water level.
EasySampler US version – for toilets with high water level

EasySampler EU

EasySampler US

Here you find an entertaining instructional video made by NHS Gibraltar