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EasySampler for stool collection, EU & US versions

EasySampler – complete solutions

Stool can contain valuable information about what is wrong in the stomach, intestines or other parts of the gastrointestinal system. Therefore, some patients have to collect stool samples for examination.

To many patients, taking a stool sample is a predicament, and many find it both difficult and uncomfortable. And things do not get any easier given that patients are often only provided with a sample bag, without any instructions on how to collect the sample.

Therefore, we at GP Medical Devices – in collaboration with physicians and nurses – have developed complete solutions for this, often slightly embarrassing situation



The EasySampler series consists of two stool collection models:

  • EU version – for toilets with low water level/water mirror
  • US version – for toilets with high water level/water mirror

EasySampler EU

EasySampler US

Packages and kits

EasySampler comes in different packages, and detailed instructions are always included. They contain pictograms and supplementary text, showing how the patient should collect the sample step by step.

See the instructions here

EasySampler Mini Kit also contains a pair of disposable gloves and two paper spoons for picking up stool. And besides instructions, disposable gloves and paper spoon, Easy Sampler Complete Kit includes also a sample tube, a mailing tube, a patient information label and a shipping envelope.

Read more about the kits here

individual solutions

At GP Medical Devices we also create individual solutions which meet the needs of the individual hospital departments. Contact us for more information.