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About EasySampler

EasySampler – paper urine and stool collector

The EasySampler series from GP Medical Devices contains two disposable products for easy and convenient stool specimen collection and one disposable product for urine and watery stool collection. The products are all hand-crafted and made of patented special paper. It is easy to install on the toilet seat and ensures easy and hygienic stool or urine collection. After use, flush the easily soluble paper down the toilet.


Eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable paper

The patented special paper is produced in Finland, and the models in the EasySampler series are all certified by Eurofins in France, where they have passed flushing and biodegradability tests. The eco-friendly paper is designed to avoid air pockets in pipes and thus also blocking of drains when the paper is flushed out.

EasySampler is CE-marked according to IVD classification, and EasySampler kit solutions are approved under UN 3373/P 650.


Sufficient time for sample collection

Coating on one side of the paper ensures that it can stay in place for 6-8 minutes after contact with stool/urine. This means that you can follow the user-friendly guide and collect the sample at your leisure. On the other hand, flushing the paper down the toilet is fast.

From the moment you loosen the paper from the edge of the toilet bowl and it comes in contact with the toilet water, it takes the paper only 60 seconds to begin to dissolve.

EasySampler is a Danish invention, and physicians, nurses and patients alike have contributed to the development of the models, which:

  • are easy to install on the toilet
  • offer patients an easy, user-friendly and hygienic way of collecting stools or urine
  • reduce the risk of contamination by water, disinfectants or other sources
  • ensure the quality of the sample being collected
  • separate stools from urine and menstrual blood
  • are biodegradable and can be flushed out after use


The products in the EasySampler series come in different packages and kits. Read more about the kits here