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About EasyDrainer

People with ileostomies must use a drainable ostomy bag. The bag must be emptied when about one-third full – approximately 5-7 times a day. Draining the bag can be both inconvenient and embarrassing, particularly in public rest rooms that are not totally private, as emptying the content directly down into the toilet water, increases the risk of splashing and noise.

To solve this problem, GP Medical Devices has developed EasyDrainer: A unique, patented and flushable drainage sleeve, which eliminates the risk of splashing and soiling the clothes when emptying the bag. EasyDrainer is a Danish invention and both nurses and patients have contributed to the development.


  • is an easy-to-use flushable drainage sleeve.
  • ensures a hygienic emptying of drainable ostomy bags.
  • prevents splashing and protects the clothes.
  • reduces noise.
  • can be flushed down the toilet as regular toilet paper.



EasyDrainer is available in 3 different packages

  • 5 pcs. test package for those, who would like to test the product.
  • 25 pcs. package for you as a user of EasyDrainer while on the job and out with friends.
  • 100 pieces. package for you as a user of EasyDrainer, using it to empty your ostomy bag every time.

EasyDrainer measures 100 cm in length.

EasyDrainer is fully reimbursed in Sweden and Portugal.